Hello, a bit about me:

I’m a full-stack growth marketer with a boat-load of experience with startups. I love running up and down the funnel to impact activation, retention, and churn metrics through omni-channel lifecycle marketing.

I work hard, laugh a lot, and always stop to smell the 🌹🌹. When unplugged, you'll find me kayaking in the South Bay or biking the hills of San Francisco.

I'm always thrilled to connect with founders and other marketers to swap creative successes and failures - just hit me up!

Recent Blog Posts

Mapping The Onboarding Experience

One facet of growth marketing is understanding the onboarding flow for your product. Inside and out. What good is it to throw a bunch of resources at user acquisition when the experience to becoming a customer is full of friction?…

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Creating a content strategy from scratch can seem daunting. It’s really not. Here are 6 easy steps to get you where you need to be to be able to start generating relevant content. I’m even throwing in a content strategy guide…

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